The Echoes of Struggle

The Echoes of Struggle and Hope for LGBTIQ+ Refugees
and the Middle East Conflict.

Image by Myriams-Fotos from Pixabay

In shadows deep, where hope seems lost,
Lie stories untold, a heavy cost,
Where souls in plight, with courage tread,
In lands torn by strife, by fear they’re led.

In Africa’s embrace, where hues alight,
LGBTIQ+ souls, in silence fight,
Seeking refuge, a shelter to find,
‘Midst trials of hearts, a plight confined.

For love in colors, they face disdain,
A world unkind, they strive to regain
Their dignity, their rights to be,
In a home where they can be free.

And in the Middle East, a conflict’s roar,
Israel and Palestine, history’s score,
A battleground etched with tears and cries,
Where dreams dissolve ‘neath sorrow’s skies.

In Gaza’s streets, and Jerusalem’s call,
Lives torn apart, hopes rise and fall,
Families fractured, futures in doubt,
Echoes of despair, within and without.

Both places, diverse, in struggle they bind,
Yearning for peace, the tranquil find,
Aching for solace, a haven’s embrace,
Yearning for harmony, a gentle grace.

Yet in the midst of trials, courage thrives,
Resilient souls, in hope, revive,
Seeking a world where differences blend,
Where love and acceptance transcend.

May empathy bridge the rifts, unite hearts,
Kindness as balm, where healing starts,
A world where all, despite creed or name,
Find solace and peace, their spirits reclaim.

Let us stand, voices raised as one,
For those in shadows, their tales undone,
May compassion guide, may love’s light shine,
For LGBTIQ+ refugees and a land’s divide to intertwine.

Complied by Joseph. K (He/Him)

©2023 Geoff Allshorn. All rights returned to the author.

Resilient Wings: The Journey to Education Freedom

This poem was sent to me by an LGBT+ refugee who battled against incredible odds to gain a qualification at university.

Friday 4th August marked a special day in his life when he graduated.

I am very proud of this young man, and regret that I cannot share photos of his special day out of fears for protecting his safety.

Your friends and extended family all send their love and pride, Joseph.

Resilient Wings: The Journey to Education Freedom

Amidst the trials and tears I’ve known,
As an LGBTIQ student, I’ve grown,
Through the winding path, I found my way,
To the light of graduation’s ray.

Homophobia’s bitter claws did sting,
But to my truth, I chose to cling,
In classrooms filled with doubt and strife,
I embraced my identity, my life.

Challenges, like storms, did try to sway,
But I stood strong, come what may,
For the world may not have understood,
Yet my resilience, it withstood.

Through sleepless nights, I toiled away,
To break the barriers, find my day,
To shatter norms and rise above,
To cherish the essence of self-love.

My fellow travelers, brave and true,
Together, we fought, a fearless crew,
In unity, for acceptance we yearned,
And from society’s chains, we learned.

Amidst the darkness, hearts of gold,
Friends and family, strong and bold,
You stood by me, through thick and thin,
Guiding my soul to soar and win.

To mentors, teachers, allies near,
Thank you for wiping away my fear,
For showing me that I belong,
In the chorus of love’s sweet song.

Now, as I don the cap and gown,
With pride, my heart begins to crown,
This moment of triumph, a dream come true,
I owe it all to each of you.

To those who helped me reach this stage,
Gratitude fills each word on this page,
For believing in me, you see,
You made this graduation journey.

With joyous smiles, my soul does fill,
A graduate, soaring on the hill,
With newfound strength, my heart is free,
To touch the skies of destiny.

To those who helped me spread my wings,
Through laughter, love, and comforting,
Together, we’ve made history,
And now, my friends, I’m truly free.

Composed by: Joseph (He/Him)

All rights returned to Joseph. This blog ©2023 Geoff Allshorn

Breaking Boundaries


Written and Composed By Joseph
a writer, refugee and LGBTIQ+ activist.

Published here with permission
In commemoration of World Refugee Day.

In a world where dreams have no boundaries,
We gather today, embracing solidarity.
With hearts united, we honour this day,
World Refugee Day, where hope finds its way.

On this 20th of June, we stand as one,
To recognize the struggles that can’t be undone.
For refugees seeking solace and peace,
Their stories of resilience shall never cease.

Among them, the brave souls of the LGBTIQ+,
Their journeys echo a quest for acceptance every day.
Their love knows no borders, their spirits held high,
Yet, persecution persists, and their cries fill the sky.

In the face of adversity, they’ve been forced to flee,
Leaving behind homes and the lives they used to be.
Seeking refuge in lands unknown, they yearn for safety,
But prejudice follows, denying their humanity.

Their protection is vital, their voices must be heard,
For their experiences remain deeply blurred.
As refugees, their struggles intertwined,
Their hopes and fears, forever aligned.

Let us embrace their uniqueness, their diversity,
Break down the barriers that mar equality.
For on this World Refugee Day, we must take a stand,
And ensure that every refugee finds a welcoming hand.

Together we can build a world that’s inclusive,
Where love and acceptance are never elusive.
Let compassion be our guide, as we march along,
Honoring refugees, singing a heartfelt song.

So on this day, let us come together as one,
To shine a light on their plight, until it is undone.
For the LGBTIQ+ refugees, let us extend our care,
And build a world where they’re protected, everywhere.

This blog ©2023 Geoff Allshorn; all rights for this poem returned to Joseph.

Colours of Love


Written and Composed By Joseph
a writer, refugee and LGBTIQ+ activist.

Published here with permission
In commemoration of Pride Month and World Refugee Day.

Art by janeb13 on Pixabay

In the radiant glow of rainbow hues,
A celebration of love begins anew,
With hearts unbound, they come together,
The diverse souls of the LGBTQ+ tethered.
Pride month emerges, a vibrant stage,
Where voices harmonize, transcending age,
United we stand, a resolute array,
In every colour and shade, we find our way.

Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender,
Intersex, queer, a spectrum of splendor,
Infinite expressions of who we are,
Each story cherished, like a shining star.
With courage as our armor, we defy,
The chains of prejudice, we cast them high,
Demanding equality, breaking down walls,
Love knows no boundaries, love conquers all.

Through trials and struggles, we rise above,
A testament to resilience, boundless love,
In the face of adversity, we unite,
Igniting a beacon, a guiding light.
We honor those who came before,
Trailblazers who opened countless doors,
Their bravery inspires, their legacy strong,
Their battles fought, our rights prolong.
Let this month serve as a joyful reminder,
That love transcends, binding us ever finer,
May acceptance blossom, prejudice cease,
As we celebrate each unique masterpiece.

To the LGBTQ+ community, we say,
You’re valued, cherished, every single day,
Stand tall, be proud, let your colours shine,
For in your authenticity, true strength we find.
So, let the world witness our spirits soar,
In unity, resilience, and love galore,
This pride month and always, let it be known,
We’re beautiful, we’re proud, and we’ve grown.

Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay

This blog ©2023 Geoff Allshorn; all rights for this poem returned to Joseph.