The Voices of Compassion

The Voices of Compassion: Condemning Ghana’s Draconian Bill for LGBTQ Rights

Written by Joseph K (He/him)

In the realm of rights, where compassion should reign,
A shadow descends, casting hearts in pain.
Ghana’s Parliament, a decision severe,
A draconian bill, breeding sorrow and fear.

Oh, voices of reason, let empathy flow,
To condemn the darkness, let justice now grow.
In the name of love, we must stand united,
For every soul, in their right to be delighted.

A bill so cruel, against the LGBTQ,
Tears through the fabric of rights we once knew.
In Ghana’s embrace, let diversity thrive,
Not crushed beneath laws that unjustly deprive.

To the international stage, let the plea resound,
For condemnation of this bill profound.
Human rights are universal, not to be denied,
By the chains of prejudice, let them be untied.

United Nations, Amnesty, and more,
Speak out against this oppressive roar.
Let the world know, in one resounding voice,
That love knows no borders, it is our choice.

In the echoes of injustice, let us unite,
To stand with the LGBTQ community’s fight.
For in acceptance and understanding, we find,
The true strength of the human kind.

Ghana, reconsider, let compassion guide,
Open your hearts, let love be our tide.
To international bodies, we send out the call,
Condemn this bill, let justice prevail for all.

(This poem is a response to news that Ghana is seeking to pass an anti-LGBT+ hate law in violation of international human rights).

This blog ©2024 Geoff Allshorn. All rights for this poem returned to the poet Joseph K.

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