The Harmony’s Cry…

The Harmony’s Cry, A Plea for Children in the Shadows of War

NOTE: This poem was composed and is dedicated to all the young children in the world on World Children’s Day (20th November 2023), especially those in war torn countries who really need a lot of care and mental help.

Photo by Larm Rmah on Unsplash

In a world where innocence should reign,
On this Children’s Day, we feel the pain.
Tiny hearts, burdened by strife,
In war-torn lands, the struggle for life.

Oh, the children of Palestine and Israel,
Caught in a conflict, where shadows dwell.
Their laughter silenced, replaced by fear,
Innocence lost, as war draws near.

Little ones, with dreams untold,
Amidst the chaos, their stories unfold.
Bearing the weight of a grown-up fight,
Yearning for peace, in the darkest night.

International bodies, hear our plea,
Extend your hands, set the children free.
For in the rubble and echoes of despair,
Lies the call for help, a collective prayer.

UNESCO, UNICEF, stand strong and true,
Champion the cause, for the red, white, and blue.
In the name of childhood, let’s unite,
Break the chains, bring forth the light.

Education, love, and hope they seek,
Not the haunting sounds of missiles that shriek.
Let the pen be mightier than the sword,
Script a future where their dreams are stored.

On this Children’s Day, let’s all agree,
To build a world where all children are free.
In the echoes of laughter, let hatred cease,
Replace it with love, let the world find peace.

Urgent is the call, a plea from the heart,
To heal the wounds, for every child, play your part.
For in their eyes, our shared tomorrow,
Let’s sow seeds of love, let them not know sorrow.

Composer: Joseph. K (He/Him)

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