The Colors of Hope

The Colors of Hope for LGBTIQ+ Souls in Africa.

Amidst the trials and shadows’ shroud,
Where hues of hope begin to crowd,
In Africa’s embrace, where pain does sear,
LGBTIQ+ souls, do not fear.

In silence, in strife, they brave the night,
Seeking refuge, a glimmering light,
‘Midst doubts and struggles, they endure,
Their spirit strong, their courage pure.

For love in colors, they face disdain,
Yet within, a resilience remains,
Their dignity, their rights to be,
In a world where they’re truly free.

Hold tight, dear souls, through stormy seas,
Your existence a beacon, breaking free,
In unity, your strength prevails,
Your stories, your truth, a timeless tale.

Each step you take, each breath you draw,
A testament to your resilience raw,
Within your hearts, a flame aglow,
Embracing hope, letting it grow.

Your journey’s tough, your path unclear,
But hope’s whisper, do stop and hear,
For in the darkest of the night,
Stars emerge, a guiding light.

Your worth is vast, your voices strong,
In unity, you truly belong,
Rise, shine bright, don’t yield, don’t flee,
For a world that’s just, and one that’s free.

Though shadows loom and doubts may reign,
Your unity, your love sustain,
In solidarity, you’ll find your way,
To brighter, bolder, sunlit days.

So hold on tight, stand tall and true,
Your courage, your strength, a stunning view,
For in your hearts, a chorus sings,
Of hope, resilience, and colorful wings.

Compiled by Joseph. K (He/Him)

©2023 Geoff Allshorn. All rights returned to the author.