The Echoes of Struggle

The Echoes of Struggle and Hope for LGBTIQ+ Refugees
and the Middle East Conflict.

Image by Myriams-Fotos from Pixabay

In shadows deep, where hope seems lost,
Lie stories untold, a heavy cost,
Where souls in plight, with courage tread,
In lands torn by strife, by fear they’re led.

In Africa’s embrace, where hues alight,
LGBTIQ+ souls, in silence fight,
Seeking refuge, a shelter to find,
‘Midst trials of hearts, a plight confined.

For love in colors, they face disdain,
A world unkind, they strive to regain
Their dignity, their rights to be,
In a home where they can be free.

And in the Middle East, a conflict’s roar,
Israel and Palestine, history’s score,
A battleground etched with tears and cries,
Where dreams dissolve ‘neath sorrow’s skies.

In Gaza’s streets, and Jerusalem’s call,
Lives torn apart, hopes rise and fall,
Families fractured, futures in doubt,
Echoes of despair, within and without.

Both places, diverse, in struggle they bind,
Yearning for peace, the tranquil find,
Aching for solace, a haven’s embrace,
Yearning for harmony, a gentle grace.

Yet in the midst of trials, courage thrives,
Resilient souls, in hope, revive,
Seeking a world where differences blend,
Where love and acceptance transcend.

May empathy bridge the rifts, unite hearts,
Kindness as balm, where healing starts,
A world where all, despite creed or name,
Find solace and peace, their spirits reclaim.

Let us stand, voices raised as one,
For those in shadows, their tales undone,
May compassion guide, may love’s light shine,
For LGBTIQ+ refugees and a land’s divide to intertwine.

Complied by Joseph. K (He/Him)

©2023 Geoff Allshorn. All rights returned to the author.

2 thoughts on “The Echoes of Struggle”

  1. This is wonderful and it really gives kind of hope to the two parties.
    I really feel so sad for lgbtiq family in Israel and Palestine.
    They deserve the right to be protected.

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