Resilient Wings: The Journey to Education Freedom

This poem was sent to me by an LGBT+ refugee who battled against incredible odds to gain a qualification at university.

Friday 4th August marked a special day in his life when he graduated.

I am very proud of this young man, and regret that I cannot share photos of his special day out of fears for protecting his safety.

Your friends and extended family all send their love and pride, Joseph.

Resilient Wings: The Journey to Education Freedom

Amidst the trials and tears I’ve known,
As an LGBTIQ student, I’ve grown,
Through the winding path, I found my way,
To the light of graduation’s ray.

Homophobia’s bitter claws did sting,
But to my truth, I chose to cling,
In classrooms filled with doubt and strife,
I embraced my identity, my life.

Challenges, like storms, did try to sway,
But I stood strong, come what may,
For the world may not have understood,
Yet my resilience, it withstood.

Through sleepless nights, I toiled away,
To break the barriers, find my day,
To shatter norms and rise above,
To cherish the essence of self-love.

My fellow travelers, brave and true,
Together, we fought, a fearless crew,
In unity, for acceptance we yearned,
And from society’s chains, we learned.

Amidst the darkness, hearts of gold,
Friends and family, strong and bold,
You stood by me, through thick and thin,
Guiding my soul to soar and win.

To mentors, teachers, allies near,
Thank you for wiping away my fear,
For showing me that I belong,
In the chorus of love’s sweet song.

Now, as I don the cap and gown,
With pride, my heart begins to crown,
This moment of triumph, a dream come true,
I owe it all to each of you.

To those who helped me reach this stage,
Gratitude fills each word on this page,
For believing in me, you see,
You made this graduation journey.

With joyous smiles, my soul does fill,
A graduate, soaring on the hill,
With newfound strength, my heart is free,
To touch the skies of destiny.

To those who helped me spread my wings,
Through laughter, love, and comforting,
Together, we’ve made history,
And now, my friends, I’m truly free.

Composed by: Joseph (He/Him)

All rights returned to Joseph. This blog ©2023 Geoff Allshorn