A Letter From Africa

Image by Nina Stock from Pixabay

Dear Beautiful People,

In the hectic & corrupt Kenya, a group of people are suffering in silence. We are the LGBTIQ refugees, forced to flee our homes due to persecution and discrimination, only to find our selves trapped in a new kind of hell.

Denied basic human rights and subjected to constant abuse and violence, We have been pushed to the brink of despair. We live in cramped, squalid conditions with little access to the basic necessities. We are constantly at risk of being attacked by fellow refugees, security personnel, or local residents.

But despite our suffering, we have not given up hope. We know that there are people out there who care, who are willing to help, who believe in our right to live free from persecution and discrimination.

That’s why we are calling on everyone, from private donors to international communities, to join us in supporting us bravely. We must work together to provide ourselves with the resources we need to be evacuated from this terrible place and rebuild our lives in safety and dignity.

As activists, we must raise our voices and demand that the authorities take action to protect the rights of LGBTIQ refugees. We must hold ourselves accountable for our inaction and demand that we do everything in our power to ensure that we are safe and free.

As individuals, we can make a difference by donating to organizations that support the rights of LGBTIQ refugees, by raising awareness of our plight on social media, and by demanding that the LGBTIQ favourable governments take action to protect our rights.

We cannot sit idly by and watch as we suffer in silence. We must stand with everyone, support ourselves, and fight for our rights to live free from persecution and discrimination. Together, we can make a difference and help LGBTIQ refugees find the safety & security we deserve.

Basic human rights are never negotiable.


LGBTQ Advocate & Champion.

LGBT refugee now living in Kenya.
(Used with permission but name withheld for safety reasons)

©2023 Geoff Allshorn

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