The Tears of the Lost Ones

One young African friend of mine wrote poetically of his loss of innocence in the human world’s daily war on its young:

The Tears of the Lost Ones

Image by Leandro De Carvalho from Pixabay

In the days of old
And the time of myth
When nation stood up against nation
And humans acted as savages,
The world wept.

It has always been crying
For the tears of the lost ones.

Innocent blood is spilled daily.
My heart is heavy;
I have seen difficulty;
I’m a victim of hardship.
Will it ever get better?
I ask myself daily
Will it ever get better?

Why is wealth shared unevenly?
Every day I see struggle,
I see poverty in its full power.
It hunted me and took me down.
I was nurturing hope
Until that was shattered –
Now I can only dream,
Dream of a better life…
But now I can’t even wake to see the dream.
My heart is heavy,
My soul is weary,
I’m tired.

Everyone says keep pushing,
But I lost the power at the wheel.
Things will never be the same,
Never, ever again.

– Ade*, 23 October 2021.

A year after he wrote the poem, he still struggles to survive because he has no access to adequate food, shelter, or lifesaving medicine. Despite his best efforts, he cannot break out of his cycle of poverty.

Please forgive us, Ade. Please forgive the world for its injustice, and forgive people for not caring.

Please forgive us for continuing the Mafaa, or Black Holocaust, across the USA, Australia and Africa. Your only crime was being poor and black. #BlackLivesMatter? No, not really, especially if you are African – the western world just looks away.

Maybe one day, Ade, a new generation will live in a better world. Maybe one day, we will be a species worthy of your hopes and dreams.

Maybe one day.

*Name has been changed for privacy reasons.

©2022 Geoff Allshorn

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